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Enrollment Gateway - Why it's Better

CMSGateway puts a single, powerful membership-and-payment reconciliation solution at your fingertips.

Many companies call themselves thought leaders, but what does leadership really mean?  At Government Works, we believe that part of leadership is developing and refining the industry’s most agile Web-based healthcare technology and that’s precisely what we’ve done in creating CMSGateway.

Unlike other systems, CMSGateway is designed for rapid deployment to hasten Medicare growth…no matter what size your organization is. Here is what you can expect:

  1. Minimize the need to commit highly skilled personnel to comply with often-complex CMS data submission requirements.
  2. Boost cash flow and capture lost revenue through more accurate and timely enrollment processing and reconciliation.
  3. Maintain full control of every process and make more informed and confident business decisions-- even during crunch enrollment periods.
  4. Stay ahead of enrollment trends affecting administrative, financial and sales arenas through comprehensive data warehousing and reporting.

CMSGateway is a solution whose time has come. It’s head-and-shoulders above other membership-and-payment process resolutions

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