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Health And Wellness

Features & benefits

IkaHealthTrack™ measures, reports and tracks risk levels to promote healthy change.

Although 75 percent of health care costs are directly related to lifestyle – and are therefore preventable – less than 3 percent of all health care costs are spent on prevention.

IkaHealthTrack helps you fight back.  Drawing upon health experts in the fields of medicine epidemiology, health education, behavior change, and web development and design, IkaHealthTrack provides an effective tool for health risk identification, delivering follow-up interventions for those at risk, and tracking and analyzing employee population health trends over time.


  • Easy to fill out, dynamic questionnaire
  • Risk algorithms and predictive modeling
  • Detailed, personalized risk assessments with comprehensive multimedia content
  • Robust web-based analytic tools
  • Easy modifiable

What It Means To You

  • Can be completed quickly at home or in the primary caregiver’s office with minimal assistance
  • Based upon clinical research on leading health risk assessments used by major medical association
  • Provides a rich and valuable variety of reports across 65 different medical conditions
  • Tools are designed specifically for individuals, employers, and HIPAA-compliant disease management or coaching vendors.
  • May include questions on combat-related exposures, illnesses and injuries, and other areas of special concern such as post-traumatic stress disorder or sexual trauma.



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