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Health And Wellness

Why It's Better

IkaHealthTrack™ is a big leap above score-based algorithms with specifically tailored programs.

IkaHealthTrack™ is a complete health risk appraisal system that begins with the premise that people have the ability to significantly alter future health outcomes through lifestyle choices that are under their control.

IkaHealthTrack™ is a full-tailored solution that really shines.

Through proprietary technology, the program relies on epidemiologic needs, motivation levels, and each individual’s demographic, psycho-social variables and state of change. Based on the collected information, IkaHealthTrack delivers personalized follow-up interventions for those at risk.

IkaHealthTrack™ is comprehensive, simple to use, and easily modifiable.

Its components include:

  • Patient’s personal information: demographics, lifestyle, family history, and advance directives.
  • Comprehensive medication record, including Rx and OTC therapies.
  • Complete medical history, comprised of conditions treatments, allergies, immunizations, screenings, and office visits.

When the information is amassed in any health plan, it provides a solid basis for a rich and valuable variety of reports, including algorithms that remind the physician of impending clinical needs. No health risk assessment we know of does more.



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